House Rules

Pre-selection of Spells
I happen to hate this. But until I can cleanly convert Shadowrun magic over to this system, here is my alternative:
Power Sigils. Now in Arcane and Divine! Use Power Sigils to power any spell you know of the level appropriate to the Sigil

Power Sigils
h6. A Power Sigil is what powers spells. It is what converts knowledge into power. At the beginning of the day, a Wizard memorizes Sigils as determined by the numbers and levels of spells he can cast according to the book. A Cleric prays for hers. Sorcerors and Bards just wake up energized. Rangers and Paladins also pray for theirs…and so on, you get the point. Once you have your Sigils, you can spend them on appropriately leveled spells. You can spend higher level Sigils to power lower level spells, but you get no change back. You can use multiple lower level Sigils to power a higher level spell (that you can already cast, not above your ability) but it will cost a total of 1 level more in Sigils. It costs 3 first level Sigils to cast a second level spell, or a 5th and a 3rd to cast a 7th level spell. Zero level spells are valued at ¼ of a Sigil. If you have both Arcane and Divine Sigils, they don’t play well together. Combining them will cost 2 levels for spells below 5th level. For spells above 5th level it will cost 3 levels to mix Arcane and Divine Sigils. The mix MUST include Sigils from the same type of magic as the spell.

Arcane Spell Recovery
By the book CORE 218

Divine Sigil Recovery
Since clerical Sigils are granted and do not come solely from the cleric, sleep is not the requirement it is for mages. A cleric must still pray for his Sigils spending at least an hour doing so each 24-hour period. Sigils refresh at a certain time of day that will vary by deity.

Spell and Formulæ Books and Blueprints
Have them. Have a list of what spells are in each book. If I ask to see your spell books and you don’t have them, there may be an experience penalty. There are three classes of spell books generally available: Full sized; Traveling; and Scrolls. Other types will pop up occasionally and special orders can always be made, if the right craftsmen can be found. Full sized Tomes may contain up to 150 pages at a cost of about 10GP per page. These massive Tomes measure 12” x 24” and weigh 10 pounds or more. Traveling Tomes will hold up to 50 pages at a cost of about 15GP per page. These conveniently sized librams measure about 9” x 12” and weigh in between 3 and 5 pounds. Scroll style spell books contain up to the equivalent of 25 pages and cost 5GP per page-length. The measure roughly 10-12” across and weigh under 2 pounds.

Inscribing Spells
See CORE page 219-220. I will supplement this by giving you an additional number of spell levels inscribe equal to your INT bonus if you spend 6 or more hours inscribing. NB: It costs money to inscribe spells except for the 2 free spells you get on advancing.

Spell Research
This is encouraged and all you need is to be able to cast Arcane or Divine Spells and an appropriate facility. Get with me on it and we will see what we can work out. Experience may be awarded.

Open Ended Damage Rolls
I am adopting the open-ended damage roll. If you roll the top number for damage for that die, roll again and add the results. For small weapons, maximum of one reroll, for medium weapons, 2 rerolls, large weapons and medium weapons wielded with two hands get three. This is not per die. Example: Great sword is a large weapon and rolls 2d6 for damage. It gets 3 rerolls. If both dice come up 6s, that is two out of the three. Special effects (Frost, backstab, Bane) get 1 reroll per die.

Spells and Open-Ended Damage Rolls
These are not endless; it varies on the power of the spell. The formula is R=L, where R is the number of times a given die may be rerolled and L is the level of the spell. Therefore, Magic Missile dice may be rerolled once, fireball dice may be rerolled 3 times, and Chain Lightning may be rerolled 6 times. Out of the kindness of my heart, I will not apply this limit to curative spells being used to restore your measly hit points. These rerolls are per die.

Attack Rolls
2D10 is no longer in effect. We are back to D20 for attack rolls.

By the book (CORE 198). Except you can take a 5’ step to line up a charge as long as it doesn’t move you closer to your target. Mounts don’t get a 5’ step.

Critical Hits: New Process
After confirmation, determine your damage according to the Pathfinder Rules as Written. Then draw a Critical Hit card. If it says to apply multiple damage (double damage, triple damage), you take the total you have determined and multiply that full sum. You also now get only one card on a Critical Hit, regardless of your multiplier

Critical Misses
Draw from the Critical Fumble Deck.

Trained Heal Checks
Trained healing checks have a base DC of 15 +1 per 10 points of damage the character is currently down. They can only be tried once per set of wounds. It is a full round action. Character is healed by how many points you beat the DC by.

Death’s Door
This extends to –(CON). At –(CON+1) you are dead. Until then, normal or magical healing can revive you. Characters can self stabilize by rolling their Con or less on percentile. Normal healing will get you to 0 points if successful. So will the Zero level healing spell. Any character may make a stabilization effort, without making a roll. This just stops the downward spiral, they are still at negative whatever. Magical healing is just that, Magical. If you get 4 points back from a healing spell and were in negatives, you are now at 4 hit points.

God Calls
This is a last ditch effort to save the character. It may be attempted no more than once per day. It is a base 1 % chance for all characters, with priests and druids gaining a bonus of 1% per level and paladins and rangers a 1% bonus per every 2 levels. Don’t expect something for nothing. Also, a roll on the wrong end of the spectrum has the same chance of attracting unwanted notice.

Sneak and Perception
No longer a “House” rule, use the book rule. Now it is Stealth and Perception.
20’s and 1’s
A roll on the die of 20 to hit always succeeds, regardless. For Skill Checks, it is open ended. For saving throws, it is an automatic success. A roll of a one is always a failure. This includes skill checks and just about every aspect of the game. In some cases I will ask for a backup roll if I deem the possibility of catastrophic failure appealing. This concept is the same as for attack rolls by the book. A roll of 1 followed by a 1 will be a spectacular failure. You are a hero and attract extreme success and extreme failure. Live with it. Using a craft skill has special rules for rolling 20s.

Mixing Potions*
01-15 Can’t be mixed, both potions are destroyed.
16-25 Can’t be mixed, both work at half strength.
26-35 Can’t be mixed, one is destroyed, the other works normally.
36-80 Can be mixed, both work normally.
81-90 Can be mixed, random potion operates at 150% normal.
91-92 Poison-DC40. External creates poison cloud DC 25
93-96 Explosion-Imbiber takes 10d10, bystanders 2d10.
97-98 Can be mixed, both work at 150%.
99 Gain feat selected by Gamemaster.
00 Powerpuff Girls effect.**
Healing potions are considered active for 2 rounds after imbibing.

  • Does NOT include one shot magic items that are not consumed internally.
    **One potion randomly determined becomes permanent.

Purchasing Feats
On hiatus.

Movement Rules
You may now split your movement as you could in Descent. Yes, this basically gives everyone spring attack, ride by and shot on the run, mostly, but there are certain conditions. You still provoke an Attack of Opportunity if you exit a threatened square. Any attacks made during this move will be at -2 unless you actually have the appropriate Feat. Spell casting requires a Concentration check of 12 + level of spell unless you have Combat Casting, which means you don’t need to make the check for interrupting your movement, you may still need to make it for other reasons. Mounted casting uses CORE rules (pg 202).

Crafting Rules
This includes all skills under Craft (___). You may elect to use 2d10or a D20. This is an open ended roll for both 10 siders and for d20. I do not use the rules for crafting as far as cost and time. I fly by the seat of my pants on most of the times to create, having done a lot of crafting IRL of various items. Remember, Masterwork is DC25. After you include your Ranks and bonuses, if your total is 50+ you have made an Extraordinary Item. Bonuses are as Masterwork, but there will be an extraordinary ability included as appropriate to the item. Should you somehow hit a DC100, you have created a Legendary Item. I will work with you to create an amazing piece of work.

Weapons and being Damaged/Sundered
See Rules Page 173-175

These are adjustments and/or additions to weapons in my games.
Falchions are not 2 handed and weigh 4 lbs
Hand Crossbows are Simple weapons, NOT Exotic. No other changes to it.
Light and Heavy Repeating Crossbows are Martial Not Exotic but use the numbers listed, not my higher damage values.
Heavy crossbows do D20 damage. It is a full round action to reload. See Crossbow Mastery feat as rewritten for additional rules on Heavy Crossbows.
Light crossbows do D12 damage.
Great bows are 7’ monsters of a bow, with a required 14 strength and 5’6” height to be able to use one, uses the same weapon proficiency slot as long bows, but is considered a different weapon for Weapon Focus, Specialization and Improved Critical. Stats are as for long bow except damage is D10 and range increment is 110’. Since a minimum strength is required, all of these bows are mighty and priced accordingly. Base price is 150 GP and add 100 GP for each point of strength adjustment, minimum of 2 (Cheapest will be 350 GP for a non-Masterwork, Mighty Greatbow adjusted for a 14 strength.). Arrows cost 1 GP for 10, not 20 due to the higher stress put on them.

Mighty bows ONLY add their bonus to DAMAGE. (Clarification, this is actually a Rules As Written rule, but I wanted to emphasis it.)

Experience Bonuses
I award experience for good role-playing and enjoyable antics. There are some experience bonuses that I expect the player to track.
• Once per night: For a critical hit award yourself 10 x Total Damage, choose your highest critical for the session if you have more than one.
• For 1st time use of a new Spell award yourself 25 x Spell Level.
• For additional use of spells, 10 x Spell Level.
• First successful use of a new Feat earns 100 experience points.
• First successful use of a Class Ability earns 100 experience points.MAY roll for a quirk on my table

New Feats

Broadened Horizons
Requirements: INT 13+, 3rd Level, Must NOT have Focused Study Feat
Allows three cross class skills to be changed so that they are class skills for that character. This may be taken multiple times with different skills, but the skills have to be declared when the feat is taken.

Focused Study
Requirements: INT 13+, Must NOT have Broadened Horizons Feat
Gain 1.5 normal skill points per level.

Feat Conversions
Some of these are taken direct from Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved, totally without permission, but I bow to his rules mastery.

Craft Single-Use Item [Item Creation]
(Arcana Evolved pg. 133)
Replaces Brew Potion feat
Prerequisite: Spellcaster level 3rd
Benefit: See Arcana Evolved

Craft Spell-Completion Item [Item Creation]
(Arcana Evolved pg. 133)
Replaces Scribe Scroll feat
Prerequisite: Spellcaster level 1st
Benefit: See Arcana Evolved

Crossbow Mastery
Replaces Crossbow Mastery from Pathfinder Chronicles
You can load crossbows with blinding speed and even fire them in melee with little fear of reprisal. Choose a type of crossbow (hand, light, or heavy) for which you have selected the Rapid Reload feat.
Prerequisites: Dex 15, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Reload.
Benefit: The time required for you to reload the chosen crossbow is reduced to a free action (hand or light) or a move action (heavy).
If you can reload the crossbow as a free action as a result of this feat, you can fire that type of crossbow as many times in a full attack action as if you were using a bow and reloading the crossbow no longer provokes attacks of opportunity.
Special: A fighter may select Crossbow Mastery as one of his fighter bonus feats. A ranger may select Crossbow Mastery in place of Manyshot for his improved combat style at 6th level. This feat may be taken multiple times. Each time it applies to a new type of crossbow for which you have the Rapid Reload feat.

Drinking Defensively Full Round Action
You may now choose to drink a potion defensively as a full round action and not provoke an attack of opportunity. If the potion would normally take a full round for some other reason, this will add another full round to the action.

Jack Control
Metamagic Feat, Can be selected as a Bonus Feat by Wizards, Extraordinary Ability
Prerequisites: None
This feat allows a character to control one Jack of 15HD or less (Jacks are clockwork Golems with a Cortex). For every arcane caster level after the 4th, you can control an additional 10 HD of Jacks. A physical connection is required to initiate the control. If the Jack is under the control of another caster, then opposed caster level checks are used to determine control.

House Rules

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